I’ve read a lot of books over the years. Here’s a timeline of the ones I have tracked. Anything with a link means I highlighted important or thought-provoking passages, or I just really liked the way something was written. # Currently reading *[[Burkeman - Four Thousand Weeks|Four Thousand Weeks]]* Oliver Burkeman # 2024 `Mar 31` *Home Game* Michael Lewis `Mar 14` *The Paradox Hotel* Rob Hart `Mar 04` *Who Moved My Cheese?* Spencer Johnson `Feb 07` *All Systems Red* Martha Wells `Jan 04` *Extra Focus* Jesse Anderson # 2023 **`Dec 31`** *[[Parrish - The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1|The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1]]* Shane Parrish **`Dec 04`** *A Technique for Producing Ideas* James Webb Young **`Nov 29`** *Starter Villain* John Scalzi **`Nov 24`** *The Machine Stops* E.M. Forster **`Oct 29`** *Redwall* Brian Jacques **`Oct 26`** *Going Infinite* Michael Lewis **`Sep 04`** *[[Ahrens - How to Take Smart Notes|How to Take Smart Notes]]* Sönke Ahrens **`Aug 28`** *[[Drellich - Winning Fixes Everything|Winning Fixes Everything]]* Evan Drellich **`Aug 18`** *[[Grann - The Wager|The Wager]]* David Grann **`Aug 09`** *[[Gladwell - The Bomber Mafia|The Bomber Mafia]]* Malcolm Gladwell **`Aug 06`** *[[Stein - The Art of Racing in the Rain|The Art of Racing in the Rain]]* Garth Stein **`Jul 30`** *Inside Threat* Matthew Quirk **`Jul 10`** *Red Rising* Pierce Brown **`Jul 05`** *The Andromeda Strain* Michael Crichton **`May 26`** *[[Munoz - Turnaround Time|Turnaround Time]]* Oscar Munoz **`May 03`** *Of Mice and Men* John Steinbeck **`May 01`** *The Night Always Comes* Willy Vlautin **`Apr 10`** *[[Robison - Flying Blind|Flying Blind]]* Peter Robison **`Apr 03`** *[[Kouzes - The Truth About Leadership The No-Fads, Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know|The Truth About Leadership]]* James Kouzes, Barry Posner **`Mar 31`** *Upgrade* Blake Crouch **`Mar 20`** *[[Krugman - Arguing With Zombies|Arguing With Zombies]]* Paul Krugman **`Mar 07`** *A Wrinkle in Time* Madeleine L’Engle **`Feb 20`** *[[Gawande - The Checklist Manifesto|The Checklist Manifesto]]* Atul Gawande **`Jan 02`** *Dr. No* Percival Everett # 2022 **`Dec 30`** *Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow* Gabrielle Zevin **`Dec 21`** *Dune Messiah* Frank Herbert **`Nov 28`** *The Lost City of the Monkey God* Douglas Preston **`Oct 27`** *End of Watch* Stephen King **`Aug 14`** *World War Z* Max Brooks **`Aug 07`** *Sea of Tranquility* Emily St. John Mandel **`Aug 02`** *[[Harbach - The Art of Fielding|The Art of Fielding]]* Chad Harbach **`Jul 05`** *Micro* Michael Crichton **`Jun 16`** *Dark Matter* Blake Crouch **`Jun 10`** *[[Lockwood - No One Is Talking About This|No One Is Talking About This]]* Patricia Lockwood **`May 30`** *[[Sobel - Longitude|Longitude]]* Dava Sobel **`May 28`** *Dune* Frank Herbert **`May 04`** *[[Murphy - You're Not Listening|You're Not Listening]]* Kate Murphy **`Apr 13`** *[[Scalzi - The Kaiju Preservation Society|The Kaiju Preservation Society]]* John Scalzi **`Feb 19`** *Storm Front* Jim Butcher **`Feb 05`** *Finders Keepers* Stephen King **`Jan 26`** *The Four Winds* Kristin Hannah **`Jan 24`** *[[Grant - Think Again|Think Again]]* Adam Grant **`Jan 07`** *Greenlights* Matthew McConaughey **`Jan 03`** *[[Isaacson - The Code Breaker|The Code Breaker]]* Walter Isaacson # 2021 **`Dec 20`** *[[Rovelli - Seven Brief Lessons on Physics|Seven Brief Lessons on Physics]]* Carlo Rovelli **`Dec 16`** *Hummingbird Salamander* Jeff VanderMeer **`Nov 18`** *[[Engel - Infinite Country|Infinite Country]]* Patricia Engel **`Nov 09`** *[[Huxley - Brave New World|Brave New World]]* Aldous Huxley **`Oct 20`** *A History of What Comes Next* Sylvain Neuvel **`Oct 07`** *[[Acho - Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man|Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man]]* Emmanuel Acho **`Oct 04`** *Only Human* Sylvain Neuvel **`Sep 30`** *[[King - Elevation|Elevation]]* Stephen King **`Sep 14`** *The Lager Queen of Minnesota* J. Ryan Stradal **`Aug 31`** *Waking Gods* Sylvain Neuvel **`Aug 23`** *Sleeping Giants* Sylvain Neuvel **`Aug 09`** *The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue* V.E. Schwab **`Jul 19`** *The Glass Hotel* Emily St. John Mandel **`Jul 04`** *The Bear and the Nightingale* Katherine Arden **`Jun 16`** *Project Hail Mary* Andy Weir **`Jun 04`** *The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time* Mark Haddon **`May 30`** *[[Oster - Cribsheet|Cribsheet]]* Emily Oster **`May 29`** *The Midnight Library* Matt Haig **`May 18`** *Recursion* Blake Crouch **`May 13`** *The Immortalists* Chloe Benjamin **`Apr 23`** *Circe* Madeline Miller **`Apr 09`** *Animal Farm* George Orwell **`Apr 06`** *The City We Became* N.K. Jemisin **`Mar 15`** *Weather* Jenny Offill **`Mar 08`** *How to Avoid a Climate Disaster* Bill Gates **`Feb 27`** *The Underground Railroad* Colson Whitehead **`Feb 16`** *[[Scott - Radical Candor|Radical Candor]]* Kim Malone Scott **`Feb 15`** *The Last Flight* Julie Clark **`Feb 08`** *K* Tyler Kepner **`Jan 30`** *A Promised Land* Barack Obama **`Jan 26`** *[[Davies - A Lie Someone Told You about Yourself|A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself]]* Peter Ho Davies **`Jan 16`** *What to Expect the First Year* Heidi Murkoff **`Jan 12`** *Black Buck* Mateo Askaripour **`Jan 08`** *The Undoing Project* Michael Lewis # 2020 **`Dec 30`** *Ready Player Two* Ernest Cline **`Dec 20`** *Exit West* Mohsin Hamid **`Dec 19`** *The Splendid and the Vile* Erik Larson **`Dec 06`** *Stamped* Ibram X. Kendi, Jason Reynolds **`Dec 01`** *White Fragility* Robin Diangelo **`Nov 21`** *Educated* Tara Westover **`Nov 08`** *[[Mask - The Address Book|The Address Book]]* Deirdre Mask **`Aug 30`** *Where the Crawdads Sing* Delia Owens **`Aug 09`** *[[Brown - Dare to Lead|Dare to Lead]]* Brené Brown **`Jul 07`** *The Last Emperox* John Scalzi **`Jul 06`** *The Body* Bill Bryson **`Jul 02`** *Nimitz* E.B. Potter **`Jun 10`** *[[Doerr - Measure What Matters|Measure What Matters]]* John E. Doerr **`May 05`** *Little Fires Everywhere* Celeste Ng **`Apr 16`** *The Library Book* Susan Orlean **`Mar 10`** *Smarter Faster Better* Charles Duhigg **`Mar 04`** *How We Got to Now* Steven Johnson **`Feb 25`** *The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle* Stuart Turton # 2019 **`Oct 01`** *Magic for Liars* Sarah Gailey **`Sep 03`** *Calypso* David Sedaris **`Aug 27`** *The Devil's Highway* Luis Alberto Urrea **`Apr 19`** *Bad Blood* John Carreyrou **`Mar 23`** *First Man* James Hansen **`Feb 10`** *Mr. Mercedes* Stephen King **`Jan 07`** *The Outsider* Stephen King **`Jan 05`** *[[Brands - The General vs. the President|The General vs. the President]]* H.W. Brands # 2018 **`Nov 20`** *[[Lewis - The Fifth Risk|The Fifth Risk]]* Michael Lewis **`Oct 29`** *American Kingpin* Nick Bilton **`Oct 22`** *The Consuming Fire* John Scalzi **`Oct 11`** *A Conjuring of Light* V.E. Schwab **`Sep 16`** *A Gathering of Shadows* V.E. Schwab **`Aug 23`** *A Darker Shade of Magic* V.E. Schwab **`Aug 11`** *Airframe* Michael Crichton **`Aug 06`** *Astroball* Ben Reiter **`Aug 03`** *[[Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything|A Short History of Nearly Everything]]* Bill Bryson **`Jun 26`** *The Sisters Brothers* Patrick deWitt **`Jun 16`** *Dragon Teeth* Michael Crichton **`Jun 09`** *The Atlantis Plague* A.G. Riddle **`May 09`** *I'll Be Gone in the Dark* Michelle McNamara **`Apr 26`** *Mortal Engines* Philip Reeve **`Apr 16`** *[[Kluger - Apollo 8|Apollo 8]]* Jeffrey Kluger **`Mar 13`** *Pirate Latitudes* Michael Crichton **`Mar 01`** *1776* David McCullough **`Jan 29`** *A Spy's Guide to Thinking* John Braddock **`Jan 27`** *The Atlantis Gene* A.G. Riddle **`Jan 07`** *A Time to Stand* Walter Lord # 2017 **`Dec 17`** *Artemis* Andy Weir **`Oct 12`** *Origin* Dan Brown **`Sep 21`** *The Wright Brothers* David McCullough **`Sep 14`** *Catalyst* James Luceno **`Sep 06`** *The Spy With No Name* Jeff Maysh **`Aug 23`** *How to Count* Steven Frank **`Aug 22`** *[[Tyson - Astrophysics for People in a Hurry|Astrophysics for People in a Hurry]]* Neil deGrasse Tyson **`Aug 15`** *The Gunslinger* Stephen King **`Aug 01`** *The Elephant in the Room* Jon Ronson **`Jul 31`** *The Three-Body Problem* Cixin Liu **`Jul 13`** *Physics for Future Presidents* Richard A. Muller **`Jun 13`** *The Last Colony* John Scalzi **`May 26`** *[[Duhigg - The Power Of Habit|The Power Of Habit]]* Charles Duhigg **`Apr 30`** *The Girl on the Train* Paula Hawkins **`Apr 25`** *[[Singh - The Code Book|The Code Book]]* Simon Singh **`Mar 26`** *[[Scalzi - The Collapsing Empire|The Collapsing Empire]]* John Scalzi **`Feb 13`** *A Princess of Mars* Edgar Rice Burroughs # 2016 **`Dec 27`** *The Revenant* Michael Punke **`Oct 25`** *Cockpit Confidential* Patrick Smith **`Sep 29`** *City of Thieves* David Benioff **`Aug 05`** *Flash Boys* Michael Lewis **`Jun 01`** *The Fold* Peter Clines **`May 26`** *Armada* Ernest Cline **`May 02`** *Mars Rover Curiosity* Rob Manning **`Mar 07`** *Annihilation* Jeff VanderMeer **`Feb 26`** *The Innovators* Walter Isaacson **`Jan 19`** *11/22/63* Stephen King # 2015 **`Dec 28`** *[[Howey - Beacon 23|Beacon 23]]* Hugh Howey **`Sep 09`** *Station Eleven* Emily St. John Mandel **`Aug 27`** *Go Set a Watchman* Harper Lee **`Aug 25`** *The Baseball Codes* Michael Duca, Jason Turbow **`Jul 10`** *[[McCarthy - The Road|The Road]]* Cormac McCarthy **`Jun 26`** *The Gods of Gotham* Lyndsay Faye **`May 08`** *All the Light We Cannot See* Anthony Doerr **`May 02`** *[[Pratchett - Good Omens|Good Omens]]* Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman **`Mar 20`** *Defending Jacob* William Landay **`Feb 08`** *[[Weir - The Martian|The Martian]]* Andy Weir **`Jan 26`** *[[Flynn - Gone Girl|Gone Girl]]* Gillian Flynn # 2014 **`Oct 22`** *[[Stephenson - Snow Crash|Snow Crash]]* Neal Stephenson **`Oct 22`** *[[Scalzi - The Ghost Brigades|The Ghost Brigades]]* John Scalzi **`Sep 01`** *[[Scalzi - Unlocked|Unlocked]]* John Scalzi **`Sep 01`** *[[Scalzi - Lock In|Lock In]]* John Scalzi **`May 26`** *The Contortionist's Handbook* Craig Clevenger **`Apr 30`** *Flatland* Edwin A. Abbott **`Mar 27`** *The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy* Douglas Adams **`Jan 24`** *The Hobbit, or There and Back Again* J.R.R. Tolkien **`Jan 01`** *The Footprints of God* Greg Iles # 2013 **`Dec 31`** *The Alchemist* Paulo Coelho **`Dec 09`** *Ready Player One* Ernest Cline **`Oct 31`** *The Giver* Lois Lowry **`Sep 08`** *Inferno* Dan Brown **`Feb 12`** *Old Man's War* John Scalzi # 2012 **`Nov 25`** *Ender’s Game* Orson Scott Card **`May 10`** *Wool* Hugh Howey **`Feb 13`** *The Devil in the White City* Erik Larson